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The Top 3 Largest U.S. Cities by Population

The Top 3 Largest U.S. Cities by Population
Here is the brief details of 3 largest U.S. cities by population, as per Google Search.

1. New York City, NY

New York City, NY

Population: 8.55 million (2019)
Nickname: Known As “The Big Apple” And “Gotham”.

What percent of New York lives in NYC?:
Roughly sixty fourth percent of the state’s population lives within the the big apple town metropolitan space and fourty percent in the big apple town alone.

The richest borough in New York City:
Upper East Side/Carnegie Hill: $311,109.
Soho/Tribeca/Civic Center/Little Italy: $235,555.
Turtle Bay/East Midtown: $196,721.
Lincoln Square: $188,144.
Battery Park City/Lower Manhattan: $185,275.

2. Los Angeles, CA

2. Los Angeles, CA

Population: 3.99 million (2017)
Nickname: “City of Angels,” “City of Flowers and Sunshine”.

Why is Los Angeles called The Big Orange:
So Los Angeles is usually known as the large Orange due to the fruit that grows in this city’s heat climate. The yank show and tv industries area unit primarily based in Los Angeles.

3. Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL

Population: 2.716 million (2017)
Nickname: “Chi-Town” “Chitown” and “The White City.”

What is Chicago well known for:
A portion of the numerous things Chicago is well known for are: Chicago-style wieners, Chicago-style (profound dish) pizza, Maxwell Street Polish Sausage, jazz music, and 1920s criminals like Al Capone. Chicago is additionally known for intriguing design like the Sears Tower, numerous historical centers, and numerous reliable games fans.

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